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Moderator for 1v1LB.com. I'm here to help and make sure everything runs smoothly.

Quit 1v1ing because of how bad playstyles have become (if you can even consider them playstyles)

Advice To Players:
-Always be honest and friendly
-Always provide proof in disputes
-Always have fun :)

-MW2 Former 4 NST
-MW3 Former 1 NST/ 7 ST
-BO2 Former 1(HOF) NST/ 8 ST
-AW Former 1 for both Xboxs
-BO3 Former 2
-BO1 Former 9

-Kik @WowGreatRhythm
-Twitter @Leo1v1s
-Discord @Leo
-Xbox @
(If I'm not on Xbox, just message me and I will reply as soon as I can)

Have a great day!


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